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Product & documentation updates

  • October 2023: Square plenum box data added to data sheets for swirl diffusers.
  • February 2022: Aluminum weather louvre AZR-4 and steel weather louvres JZR-5, JZR-6 are available again. JNŽ-7 is renamed to ANŽ-7. The IRIS damper is phased out.
  • February 2022: On request, LD-16N slot diffusers for swimming pools are now available also in painted version, against surcharge.
  • February 2022: Curved steel grilles JRU-5, JRU-6 re available again. Ventilation valves SF-S, VS and floor diffusers FDS are phased out.
  • February 2021: Steel grilles JR (former product designation: SD), stainless steel grilles RR (former product designation: SSD) and grilles with thermostatic regulation JR-8TR (former product designation: STH) will be marketed again as an OC IMP Klima product, with original product names. From technical point of view the grilles are unchanged.
  • November 2020: Corrected drawings and connection data for DPS-N, DSS-N laminar ceilings
  • August 2020: Corrected minimum connection diameter for VŠ-5/D nozzle
  • June 2020: Updated sound power level and pressure drop diagrams for slot diffusers LD-13, LD-14
  • April 2020: Updated Air Filtration technical catalogue and Air Filtration Product Overview.
  • April 2020: phase in of aluminum protection grille AZR-4
  • January 2020: Phase in of new air distribution products:
    • ventilation valve SF-S,
    • stainless steel valve VS,
    • floor diffuser FDS,
    • circular diffuser DS,
    • mechanical air flow controller MRP-5 and MRP-6
    • electronical air flow controller ERP-5, ERP-7
  • January 2020: Technical changes for air distribution:
    • Diffusers KD-1A, OD-4/K1, OD-5/K1, OD-8/K1, OD-9/KK1, KR1, OD-15/KK1/KR1) are available with new rectangular plenum box. Diffusers OD-11 size 200-800 are available with circular plenum box.
    • RŽ-7 is not available anymore with pneumatic regulation
    • Aluminum overpressure damper JNŽ-7 is upgraded, replacing phased out model JNŽ-6
  • October 2019: Phase out of acoustic grille JAR
  • March 2019: Update of Modular air handling units technical catalogue
  • February 2019: Technical changes in Air distribution program:
    • For SKD-13 the T-register is phased out
    • Floor slot diffuser LD-16N is available again, but only in anodized version
    • Motorized version of air supply nozzle VŠ-4 and installation type D is phased out
    • Phase out of VŠ-5/TR (version with thermostatic regulation) and actuator B4 LH for nozzle VŠ-5.
    • LN-4 is phased out
  • February 2019: Standard wiring diagrams for compact air handling units CompAir
  • January 2019: Phase out of APF and Hepa filter housing AFV-8C
  • January 2019: Complete renovation of Air distribution product range