December 22, 2022

The year 2022 at a glance

December is the time when we look back on the past year, and in 2022 our focus was on building relationships with our customers, partners and employees. Throughout the year, we created various opportunities for socializing, and every event contributed to the exchange of ideas and experiences and to new initiatives.

We used the first months of the year to hold webinars on the topic of thermal energy savings in buildings and for technical trainings for our partner companies.

The spring and summer season was filled with events - after a long time, we organized a major event for Slovenian partners in Godovič at the end of May, where the seminar was followed by a company tour and an attractive social program with a banquet. Just a week later, we invited our key foreign partners to a two-day get-together, and after presenting news, we also took them to the Vipava Valley and on a sea adventure in the Gulf of Piran. Before the summer vacations we organized a picnic for the employees.

Autumn was even more active. In mid-September, representatives of a Dutch business club visited us, and we were happy to show them the company and the beauties of Slovenia. The yearly sales conference for our companies in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina we started in a constructive dialogue, continued at the Rožnik summit and ended with a joint picnic to celebrate the second anniversary of our inclusion in the Dutch Orange Climate group. Our seminar for Slovenian partners entitled "Design of demanding industrial facilities" with seven renowned lecturers was attended by a record number of attendees and also the following pleasant gathering and tastings were well received.

The beginning of winter was again devoted to technical trainings for foreign partners, and we also held a well-attended professional lecture in Montenegro. At the beginning of December, we were visited by the owners of our parent company - Mr. Henk Willem van Dorp with his wife and sons. As has been our long-standing tradition, we participated in the KGH exhibition in Belgrade, where our Serbian branch was exhibiting. Immediately after that, we organized a December event for our Slovenian partners, which, judging by the response, will also become a tradition. We ended the year with an open door day for employees and gifts from Santa Claus for employees' children. In the last working week of the year, our salespeople turned into Santa's helpers and set off before sunrise to distribute presents among our most important business partners!