September 23, 2021

Ventilation in schools in times of COVID-19

The beginning of the school year this time also brings a dilemma regarding the measures to be taken in order to prevent the spread of viruses in the school environment and to ensure a safe climate for students and staff. In addition to testing and the usual precautionary measures, effective ventilation of buildings plays a key role, as it has been confirmed that viruses spread mostly through solid or liquid particles floating in the air.

Prior to the beginning of classes, educational institutions in Slovenia had to prepare a protocol for adequate ventilation of the building, which takes into account the recommendations of the Slovenian National Institute of Public Health regarding ventilation. Without a uniform technical basis for appropriate ventilation systems and given the large differences in the ventilation systems of individual schools in practice, this has been a considerable challenge in many cases.

At OC IMP Klima, we came to the aid of the Jurij Vega Gymnasium in Idrija - a school with one of the longest traditions in Slovenia, which, in addition to the gymnasium program, also runs the mechanical engineering and mechatronics operator high school programs. When inspecting the premises, we paid special attention to the premises without adequate ventilation.

The principal of the Jurij Vega Gymnasium in Idriija, Mrs. Karmen Vidmar and R&D Manager, Erik Pavlovič, phD, during handover of the donated air purifier

The installation of the OC Air Purifier proved to be the most suitable solution for the school locker room, where there is no forced ventilation and no possibility of ventilation through the windows. This mobile device with a built-in high-efficiency filter has been designed specifically for rooms with a high frequency of attendance, where it is necessary to clean the room air in a short time. Numerical simulations of the operation of the device and extensive tests performed at the OC IMP Klima R&D center have proven that the OC Air Purifier reliably removes 99.995% of particles through which viruses and allergens travel in rooms with an area up to 100 m2.

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The OC Air Purifier is extremely user friendly, the unit is switched on via an intuitive LCD display, where only the operating speed must be set. At lower speeds, the air purifier operates completely quietly and does not disturb any activity in the room, while the boost function or maximum speed is used when we want to decontaminate the air in an extremely short time - before or after people enter the room.

Numerical simulation of the OC Air Purifier air intake pattern

Ventilation problem in school locker room solved

Despite the fact that the ventilation in the gymnasium is mostly well-arranged (our company helped with the mechanical ventilation of the gymnasium years ago), there are also locations where ventilation is not available or could not be carried out. For this purpose, the OC Air Purifier which will be installed in the common wardrobes will come in handy, Namely, in the locker room there is no mechanical ventilation, and the opening of windows is impossible. The purifier will filter the air in the wardrobes and thus ensure a safe climate.

Erik Pavlovič, PhD, R&D Manager at OC IMP Klima

The donation came right on time

We thank OC IMP Klima for this exceptional gesture. We installed the OC Air Purifier in locker room in the basement, as we do not have the possibility of natural ventilation there. With the mobile air purifier, we will make sure that the air in these rooms is perfectly clean and are thus able to provide a safe and healthy environment for our students.

Karmen Vidmar, principal of the Jurij Vega Gymnasium in Idrija