December 12, 2020

Upgraded HEPA filter housing LFH

Close cooperation with end users often leads to new product development and this seems to be especially true for our solutions in the field of air filtration. Based on the feedback over a period of several years, we identified the necessary improvements for the entire family of ceiling filter housings, which has undergone a complete overhaul with the implementation of LFH – now available also with manually adjustable air-tight damper from room side.

Unified housing for various filters and sealing types

The entire range of the previous generation of HEPA filters housings can now be replaced by two standardized housing types, which enable the installation of ten different filter dimensions:

Housing type 1: for filter media with 48-90 mm height

Housing type 2: for filter media with 100-150 mm height

The housing dimensions are also identical for both available types of sealings - liquid gel sealing or semicircular foam sealing.

Flexibility and easy filter replacement

With three types of connections, LFH is suitable for various installation methods and duct types - round top and round side connection and rectangular side connection are available. The new housing construction allows installation of filters of various manufacturers and dimensions. A significant improvement is, that a filter can be replaced with another filter of a different height without having to replace the entire housing.

6 different types of front plates are available to suit the needs of different room types.

Simplified installation and maintenance

The LFH housing allows installation and maintenance directly from the room side, without additional inspection openings in the ceiling. Installation is further facilitated by a removable connection to the duct and a construction without elements that extend beyond the housing. It is especially easy to connect to round ducts with the help of a connection with the patented Lindab SAFE seal, which significantly shortens the installation time.

Innovative is also the filter attachment. By placing the filter medium differently, the accessibility of the elements during maintenance is improved, and consequently the filter replacement process is shorter.

Adaptability to specific project requirements

Immediately after the production of the first prototype, testing and measurements in the laboratories of our development center, we obtained numerous orders for the LFH filter housing, and most of them required a specific project solution.

For the first such large-scale project, a flange was added to the housing for installation in the existing Armstrong ceiling and in the panel ceiling. In this way, it was possible to replace the existing filter units with new ones with minimal interventions in the existing structure and a significantly faster installation process, which was confirmed to us by both the client and the installation contractor.

Another example of a non-standard solution included an airtight version of the LFH stainless steel filter unit, whereby the perforated mask was further sandblasted with glass beads and additionally brushed after welding.

We also received very positive feedback from the customer, for whom we produced the largest filter unit LFH so far, featuring external housing dimensions 975x975x620 mm, and filter dimensions 915x915x90 mm.

Technical documentation

NEW: manual adjustment of airtight damper from room side

Filter replacement and maintenance from room side made easy.