December 10, 2019

Premium ventilation solutions for hotels

Looking back on the last decades, premium ventilation solutions for hotels have been one of our main focuses. Numerous projects across Europe show that we can offer complete ventilation, heating and cooling solutions for all specific hotel areas such as hotel rooms, swimming pools, spas, congress halls, lobbies, restaurants and kitchen premises. One of the main challenges is to ensure the energy efficiency of the system through smart automation that keeps pace with the changing occupancy of high and low season and during events with large numbers of participants. All visually exposed elements of the ventilation systems must be aligned with the interior design of the hotel, while maintaining a pleasant indoor climate.

Optimally balanced ventilation systems for new hotels

Excellent communication with the architect, investor and designer from an early project phase is key to achieving a good ventilation solution in newly built hotels. One of our favourite examples is the five-star Intercontinental Hotel in Ljubljana read more about the project here.

Tailored solutions for retro-fit projects

In rapidly developing touristic sites there is a high demand for renovation and adaptation of older hotel premises. The main challenge is to upgrade the existing ventilation system with new elements, while facing space limitations and compatibility problems. Below we are pointing out two projects, which we sucessfully carried out in in Bled, the touristic gem among alpine lakes.

Read more about the Lindab solution for the renovated Bled Rose Hotel here.

Read more about the complete ventilation solution for Astoria Hotel here.