April 14, 2020

Premium clean air solutions

The growing importance of providing uncompromisingly clean air and advanced filtration solutions for high-risk facilities cannot be overlooked. We are proud to be able to offer high-end air filtration and extensive know-how in this field. As a manufacturer of duct filter units, ceiling and wall high-efficiency units, filter grilles, fluff separators and laminar flow ceilings we can boast cooperation with reputable customers in the medical field, as well as pharmaceutical and other industries worldwide. In the past decades, we have proven to be a reliable provider of customized cleanroom solutions, which were tested and verified in the laboratories of our R&D center.

High performance on all filtration stages

With a broad product range we provide professional air filtration, ranging from filtration class Coarse 50% up to HEPA and ULPA filtration. Based on extensive experience in tailor made solutions for different industries and medical facilities, as well as feedback from our customers, we are constantly developing and upgrading our products. No compromises are made when it comes to our production process, using only materials and components of renowned European manufacturers.

Safe filter replacement and integrated scan test

Safe and user friendly solutions are our priority. The bag-in / bag-out filter replacement represents a safe, simple and reliable method for removing contaminated particulate filters. This option is also very practical for applications, where maintenance can be carried out only from room side, with minimum interruptions of the working process. The integrated scan test and measurement accessories make it easy to control the pressure drop and contamination grade of filter media.

Innovative terminal filtration

For ceiling high effiency units we have developed standardized housings with adjustable filter installation height. Various types of diffusers and sealings (liquid GEL or semicircular FOAM) as well as multiple connection options are available. Based on customer‘s feedback we optimised the housing construction for easier access during installation, maintenance and filter replacement. With a removable duct connection, also installation from the room side is now a simple task.

Modular set-up for easier installation

We have standardized and simplified the housing construction of laminar flow ceilings for operation theatres and made installation and maintenance easier. Due to modular set-up it is possible to design ceilings with larger dimensions and special project solutions. Laminar ceilings are available with perforated ot textile front panel and can be also completely made in stainless steel.

Certified quality for highest air purity

Dedicated air handling units in hygienic version meet all requirements for clean rooms and hospitals and are tested according to standards DIN 1946-4 and VDI 6022-1. All elements are corrosion resistant and easy accessible for maintenance and cleaning. Superb housing characteristics and leakage class L1 have been tested on a real unit and confirmed by Eurovent.

Complete range of components

We can offer the complete range of components for an optimally designed ventilation system, from Eurovent certified ventilation ducts to air distribution and regulation elements, fire and smoke protection, ventilation, heating and cooling.

R&D center with clean room lab

Development of new products and customized project solutions is supported by numerical simulation (CFD) and additionally tested in our R&D center.

In our laboratory in Godovič, Slovenia we are able to carry out full scale tests and measurements of all technical characteristics of our products.