October 23, 2020

Meet the companies of Orange Climate Group!

Orange Climate is a group of innovative companies that are committed to sustainability. The members of the group develop, manufacture and deliver innovative and sustainable indoor climate, comfort and energy management concepts.

Orange Climate is one of Europe’s most respected producers of air handling units, air terminal devices and ducting. In almost a century we’ve built ourselves an excellent reputation when it comes to innovation, quality of our products and customer service. Our history in combination with our direct involvement in countless projects both in our homeland and across the world has led to a solid base on which we can conduct our leading role in the air terminal devices industry.

Orange Climate companies

Factory in Drunen, Netherlands

OC Verhulst : Developer of air handling units

OC Verhulst in Drunen develops, produces and imports innovative and sustainable systems and components for climate control. Industry, health-care and functional architecture are the main target markets. As OC Verhulst possesses extensive in-house expertise, skills and experience in all the professional disciplines involved, the company adopts an integral approach to projects.

OC Waterloo: Producer of air terminal devices

OC Waterloo is a producer of air terminal devices. Waterloo B.V. was founded in 1971 as the European factory for Waterloo Air Products plc. from the UK. In 2011, the shares of this company have been sold. Waterloo B.V. became part of ‘Orange Climate’, a group of factory’s who can supply everything needed for buildings when it comes to healthy air. Ducting, fire dampers, plenum boxes, VAV’s, grills and diffusers and more.

Factory in Holten, Netherlands

OC Autarkis: Innovative Solutions using Phase Change Materials

OC Autarkis is the Dutch developer, producer and supplier of innovative solutions using Phase Change Materials (PCM’s). The knowledge and experience the company has accumulated through the development, utilization and packaging of PCM materials has enabled us to develop a number of products for applications in buildings, installations, data centers and storage technology. Our products always take advantage of the PCM’s thermal battery, in order to conserve energy and guarantee power.

OC Filtration Solutions: Plug and play filter solutions

OC Filtration Solutions provides Plug-and-play solutions that, as mitigating measures, capture nitrogen oxides (NOx) around construction and business activities.

OC Agri: Developer in Climate solutions for indoor farming

The indoor climate is also becoming increasingly important in the agricultural market. Whether this is due to changes in the outside climate, the project location, optimization of production or new laws and regulations. Knowledge and expertise is required from the start (air handling unit) to the end (air distribution) for the optimum microclimate. OC Agri is your partner who thinks along about the best solution and delivers the best climate solution or fully provided Turn Key Vertical farms.

Factory in Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates

OC Waterloo Middle East: Producer of air terminal devices for the Middle East

OC Waterloo Middle East is the largest agent of Orange Climate grids in the Middle East. We solve problems. That’s why specials are our standards. We help. We believe in our solutions. We see it as our goal to provide our customers with healthy, clean air. We’re proud of our people who made all this beautiful air supply for your convenience. We invite you to experience our way of thinking.

OC IMP Klima: Customized ventilation solutions

As the newest member of Orange Climate Group, OC IMP Klima boasts a long tradition in customized ventilation solution and projects in 60 countries worldwide. The production plant in Godovič, Slovenia produces modular air handling units, air distribution units, air filtration units and floor convectors. Tailored solutions for niche industries are developed in an own R&D center. Part of OC IMP Klima are also sales companies in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

R&D center and factory in Godovič, Slovenia