October 9, 2020

OC IMP Klima rebranding process

Related to the incorporation of the IMP Klima Group into the Dutch group of companies Orange Climate B.V. on 18 September 2020, a process of gradual transition to the OC IMP Klima brand was started and is expected to be completed within 6 months.

The IMP Klima Group consists of the Slovenian production and sales company, formerly known as Lindab d.o.o. and its branches in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will henceforth be represented under the OC IMP Klima brand.

The company's sales range remains unchanged. For all products of the Godovič production site, i.e. Air handling units, Air distribution and regulation units, Air filtration and Floor convectors, production under the new OC IMP Klima brand will continue uninterrupted and with unchanged technical characteristics.

For all questions you can contact the existing contact persons, our new e-mail addresses are name.surname@oc-impklima.com. The general contact address of the company is info@oc-impklima.com. Old addresses will be automatically redirected to new ones over the next 6 months.

All technical documentation will be published on our new website www.oc-impklima.com. For technical and organizational reasons, we set a 6-month period for a complete transition to the new brand, updating of certificates and markings on products and technical documentation. During this time old markings or logos still might occure in individual cases.

The new company logo clearly expresses its affiliation with the Orange Climate Group, while maintaining the company's original name - IMP Klima, which has marked our more than 60-year tradition.