April 1, 2021

OC Air Purifier for virus-free indoor climate

​We proudly present the OC Air Purifier 1000 with high-efficiency HEPA filters extracting 99.995 % potentially harmful particles from indoor air. 

Boasting decades of know-how in air filtration and impressive clean room references worldwide, we developed a mobile filtration unit that meets the most stringent requirements regarding air cleanness. The development of this user-friendly plug&play air purifier has been supported by numerical simulations, while the performances and acoustic characteristics have been proven during extensive tests in our R&D center.

The OC Air Purifier 1000 is designed for highly efficient air purification in residential or public premises with one unit covering an area up to 100 m2. By extracting microorganisms, mould spores, allergens, and even high dust concentrations from the air, the purifier delivers clinically clean air in your home or workplace.

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