January 20, 2021

​New ERP Tier2 directive for cooling units

On 1 January 2021, new requirements for the efficiency of chillers and heat pumps came into force under the Ecodesign / ERP-Tier2 Directive. A certain share of chillers that could still be supplied to the EU market in 2020 is no longer available in 2021. The required efficiencies increased by around 10%.

In 2020, most OC IMP Klima refrigeration units and heat pumps already met the requirements of the Ecodesign / ERP-Tier 2 directive for 2021. High-efficiency units are available for lower capacities and Class A and A + units for the high-capacity range.

OC IMP Klima has prepared a full range of cooling units for 2021, both chillers and heat pumps, air/water and water/water, which comply with Tier2 conditions. The units are Eurovent certified and CE marked. Regarding environmental safety itself, it should also be noted that our offer includes chillers and heat pumps with environmentally friendly refrigerants, such as R32, R513a, R454b and HPO1234ze.


For detailed information on the chiller range please contact technical support.