January 6, 2021

Air distribution product news 2021

We are entering the year 2021 with an expanded product range, reintroducing also several of our classic products for air distribution and regulation with the original product designation and OC IMP Klima brand.

Ventilating grilles

Steel grilles JR (former product designation: SD), stainless steel grilles RR (former product designation: SSD) and grilles with thermostatic regulation JR-8TR (former product designation: STH) will be marketed again as an OC IMP Klima product, with original product names. From technical point of view the grilles are unchanged.

Circular and square diffusers

Circular diffusers OD-1, OD-2 and square diffuser KD-15 are available again.

Swirl diffusers

Technical data sheets for the square plenum box K (suitable for OD-4/K1, OD-5/K1, OD-8/K1, OD-9/KK1, KR1, OD-15/KK1/KR1 swirl diffusers) and round plenum box ZR (suitable for OD-11 swirl diffuser size 200-800) have been published ot the website. For individual projects Lindab branded swirl diffusers can still be ordered as alternative products.

Slot diffusers

Nozzle diffusers LD-19 and LD-20 are reincluded in our offer, with unchanged technical characteristics. For round duct diffusers SKD-13 the T register is available again.

Air displacement diffusers

Air displacement diffusers SD-1, SD-2, SD-3, SD-3N, SD-6 are available again, with exception of the regulation option in the spigot. As an alternative, Lindab branded air displacement diffusers are still available on request.

Air regulation units

New in our offer is the IRIS damper. Mechanical air flow controllers MRP-3 and MRP-4 are from now on available only on request.

External elements

Aluminum weather louvre AZR-4 and steel weather louvres JZR-5, JZR-6 are available again with unchanged technical characteristics.

Sound attenuators

Sound attenuating louvre JAR with updated free section data has been reincluded in our offer.