About Orange Climate

Orange Climate is one of Europe's most respected producers of air handling units, air terminal devices and ducting. In almost a century we've built ourselves an excellent reputation when it comes to innovation, quality of our products and customer service. Our history in combination with our direct involvement in countless projects across the world has led to a solid base on which we can conduct our leading role in the air terminal devices industry.

The people at Orange Climate pride themselves on rising to this challenge for each and every order. As we possess extensive in-house expertise, skills and experience in all the professional disciplines involved, the company adopts an integral approach to projects. Orange Climate always looks for the optimum solution for the customer and for the environment. Learn more about Orange Climate.

The Orange Climate Group consists of four business units in the Netherlands - OC Verhulst, OC Autarkis, OC Waterloo, OC Agri and the Slovenian-based OC IMP Klima, while OC Filtration solutions represents a separate field of expertise, focused on clean rooms.


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